Introducing Mobile Eye

The 1st Enterprise Wi-Fi Performance App with Cloud Analytics


Get Enterprise-Wide Wi-Fi Performance Visibility

Sapphire Mobile Eye enables businesses to gather real-time Wi-Fi performance data from every corner of their network, directly from their users' iOS and Android mobile devices.

Distribute the Mobile Eye app to your mobile workforce and you'll have a army of of users reporting on the Wi-Fi user experience everywhere they go - giving you network-wide visibility of Wi-Fi performance.

The app runs performance tests at pre-defined intervals, unnoticed in the background, and uploads its results to EyeQ Cloud which presents the results in the EyeQ Executive Dashboard on any browser. It can also be used for on-the-spot performance testing. 

The EyeQ Cloud Wi-Fi performance management solution is a monthly subscription service, for managing and analyzing the metrics collected from devices running the Mobile Eye app, and from Sapphire Eye fixed and portable W-Fi sensors. 

Mobile Eye Benefits

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of end-user Wi-Fi experience
  • Leverages BYOD to build an army of testers
  • Easy to monitor Wi-Fi performance in remote offices
  • Works on any Android or iOS smartphone and tablet
  • Cloud-analytics with browser dashboard showing KPIs
  • Helps isolate device issues from Wi-Fi or network issues
  • Rapid SaaS deployment model with no CAPEX


Download Sapphire Mobile Eye data sheet PDF