Best Practice Webinar Series: Are Your APs Disappearing?

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7SIGNAL makes complicated Wireless Network Monitoring (WNM) easy for our users.  This free weekly webinar series is dedicated to sharing our industry knowledge while demonstrating the power of our platform. 

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Topic: Are Your APs Disappearing? 

Join 7SIGNAL Director of Global Wi-Fi Solutions & CWNE, Jim Vajda, for a live webinar on Wednesday, October 9th at 11AM Eastern and he’ll share his knowledge on how to discover disappearing AP's on your Wi-Fi network using the Sapphire Eye module.  After this webinar, you'll understand why leading organizations like Kaiser Permanente, IBM, Walgreens, Ultimate Software, Booze Allen Hamilton and others are using 7SIGNAL for Wireless Network Monitoring to continuously monitor the wireless network for performance issues - maximizing network uptime, device connectivity and network ROI.

What you'll learn on this webinar:

  • How to monitor beaconing
  • How buggy code can lead APs to stop beaconing or cause 802.11 authentication and association to fail
  • How to use the Sapphire Eye Analyzer module from 7SIGNAL to uncover these issues


Attending this Webinar will qualify the attendee for 1 Continuing Education (CE) credit toward CWNE, CWAP, CWSP and CWDP certifications from CWNP. 

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